Shoemoney Network Review – Instant Free Profits?

Shoemoney Network Review – In This Review Of Jeremy Schoemaker’s Shoemoney Network, we reveal our results and tell you if Jeremy really does pay you instant free money or is this just another scam!

Our Official Shoemoney Network Review

About The ShoeMoney Network:

Product Name: Shoemoney Network.
Niche: Internet Marketing
Price: Free
Product Creator: Jeremy Schoemaker
Product Summary: The Shoemoney Network is a site created by Jeremy Schoemaker that pays you instant cash for completing simple tasks.


What Is The Shoemoney Network?

The Shoemoney Network is a site by  internet millionaire Jeremy Schoemaker. Jeremy is an expert when it comes to making money online but he grew frustrated that some of his students did not take action when seeking his advice.

Jeremy’s frustration prompted him to come up with a novel idea! He decided to pay people to implement the strategies that he is teaching them.

Yes…You read it correctly!

Jeremy teaches you an internet marketing strategy, then pays you to implement what he taught you!

Although I have been making money online for a while now…I decided to take Jeremy up on his free offer and joined the Shoemoney Network for FREE!

After joining the Shoemoney Network I logged into my account and watch the first instruction video.

This first video instructed me to share a link on Facebook. I shared the link and  almost instantly I received an email from paypal stating the I had received a payment from Jeremy!

my first payment from the shoemoney network

Then I continued and went through the course by watching the video instructions and performing tasks like setting up my wordpress blog , installing a theme, and installing plugins.

For each simple task that I completed…Intant free money was arriving in my paypal account!

Check out the proof below!
proof of payment from the shoemoney network

I am still making money from the Shoemoney Network and I am happy to say that it’s 100% legitimate!

This is not a scam!

I recommned you try it yourself and when you make your first dollar in five minutes you will be as hooked as me. I just want to say thank you Jeremy. Click here to register.

Virtnext Review – The Scam Exposed!

Virtnext Review: In this review of Vincent Bollore’s Virtnext software we will reveal our test results that prove it’s a scam!

Our Official Virtnext Review

About The Virtnext  Software:

Product Name: Virtnext
Niche: Algo Trading Software
Price: Free
Product Creator: Vincent Bollore
Product Summary: Virtnext is a new algo trading software by Vincent Bollore. They claim the software rarely loses and can make you $18,000 every week from home.

Before we get into our official review of this software, grab the free bonus below as a gift for you visiting our review site.

Proof That Virtnext Is A Scam

I assume you are reading this review because got an email about a new money making system called Virtnext and you want to know if it’s legit or just another scam.

Well…I could give you a long review telling all the reasons why you should or should not get this software, but instead, I am just going to reveal our test results!

You see…Over the past 3 or 4 years there have been hundreds of these so called money making software released online and most are pure scams.

How do I know they are almost always scams?

I know because I have personally tested 137 of these software and only 2 turned out to be legit. This makes me a skeptic when it comes to the newest releases, but I try not to let my previous experiences with this kind of software influence my reviews.

So…Instead of telling you why I think it’s a scam, I will just show you my test results!

Note: Due to online broker fees and rate of return you will need to win 75% of your trades to make a consistent income trading binary options online.

To see if this software can really make you money I simply made 100 trades and documented my results!

See my results for the Virtnext Software below…

Number of trades = 100

Number of winning trades  = 47

Number of losing trades = 53

Percentage of winning trades  =47%

As you can see by the above test results, Virtnext did not come close to meeting the claims that their hyped up sales video makes.

Not only did this software not make us a huge amount of money, we actually lost money!

Our Final recommendation is that you stay away from the Virtnext software because it appears to be just another scam!